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 We are about Software Design Consulting and

Object-Oriented Software Construction


What is an exedra? In the greek antiquity, the exedra (literally an outdoor meeting place) provided a recessed area for semi-private political or business conversations, but also was allegedly the site for demonstrations about the scientific structures of our world (the first University, Plato, circa 400BC).

The Digital Exedra is the Twenty First Century, World Wide Web virtual structure aiming to provide a focal point for idle as well as serious scientific conversations and experiments (about things that can be represented and manipulated digitally inside a computer's memory).


Digital Exedra Inc. based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is committed in supporting 21st century software construction, software education and software research for the Macintosh® OS X and UNIX flavored platforms, as well as innovative deployment of software Applications (i.e. Java Network Launch Protocol).


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